Hyperice Venom Leg Wrap Review

If you feel like your massage gun just isn't doing the trick anymore, try recovering with the Hyperice Venom Leg Wrap. Recommended by Dancer and Choreographer Asiel Hardison, this recovery tool combines heat and vibration to ease muscles, and can be wrapped on any part of your leg.

This leg wrap is especially beneficial to those who have careers in athletics or perform any type of strenuous activity. The two velcro pieces make it easy to put on and take off for convenience, offering a size that fits most. The Hyperice Venom Leg Wrap can be used on your knee, calf, and quad muscles. With different temperature and vibration levels, you can adjust the leg wrap to your liking using the digital touch screen. You can also choose constant pulsating and variation for a massage-like experience for sore muscles.

Find out more by watching Asiel's full Hyperice Venom Leg Wrap review above.

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