Vans ComfyCush Sk8-Hi Sneakers Review

Vans ComfyCush Sk8-Hi Sneakers are light-weight with a super soft cushioned sole making them Asiel's go-to shoe for rehearsals and going out. Asiel has used the ComfyCush Sk8-Hi's during rehearsals and loves how they help take away any tension while dancing and help absorb the impact from hard floors. They feel like you're walking on a cloud. With newly constructed canvas, added arch support, and new moisture-wicking lining throughout, it's a lightweight experience that assures you’ll Keep It Comfy at all times.

Asiel Hardison is a professional dancer and choreographer. If Asiel looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen him dancing alongside pop sensation Lady Gaga since 2008 as her dance captain. He was chosen as captain by world-renowned choreographer Laurieann Gibson. When Asiel gets in a zone he dances like no one is watching. Dancing is his life and his rhythm lies within his heartbeat. Check out Asiel's profile to learn more about the talented dancer.

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