Onnit Steel Clubs Review

  • Available here in six weight increments (5LB to 35LB), ONNIT Steel Clubs are equal parts durable and cost-efficient—offering superior value to athletes of any skill level.
  • Like many of ONNIT’s functional training products, the Steel Club design is a modern adaptation of a classic, time-tested fitness staple. Originally developed in ancient Persia, these clubs were used by warriors and wrestlers as they discovered the value of swinging implements with an uneven weight distribution. While the earliest training clubs were made from wood and stone, however, ONNIT’s premium 100% steel construction*—heavier and denser than iron—is uniquely dent, rust, and chip resistant. The addition of a matte powder-coat finish also ensures a superior grip. There are few heavy clubs on the market that can match this level of quality for the price.
  • Whether you’re outfitting a larger training facility or just selecting one or two clubs for use in your own garage gym for strength conditioning, there’s an option suited to your needs. The smaller 5LB and 10LB clubs, for example, are effective rehab or prehab implements for improving balance and shoulder mobility. Larger clubs, 15LB and up, are very valuable for grip strength development and even lower-body strength through dynamic shouldering squats and other movements. For athletes from the worlds of tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and other sports in which rotational core training is key, club swinging movements not only improve explosiveness, but also promote greater balance with the less-dominant side of the body. There’s a reason this type of training has survived for roughly 1,000 years.
  • *All ONNIT Steel Clubs 20 LB and above are formed from a single machined piece of steel. The 5LB, 10LB and 15LB clubs feature internal screws and welding. Watch Dr. Odom’s ONNIT Steel Clubs Review for more information.

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