Sacred Yoga Mat Review

  • The SACRED Yoga non slip yoga mat guarantees total stability and maximum absorption for sweaty and slippery hands and feet. It’s completely floor stable, allowing you to avoid slipping during your most advanced poses.
  • The SACRED yoga mat incorporates high density, extra thick cushioning (5mm) for ultimate comfort and extra long and wide dimensions (72 inches x 26.7 inches). It’s perfectly proportioned for lengthy limbs and generously padded to protect against sore knees and elbows.
  • Designed as a reversible, all-purpose activity mat for yoga at the park, stretching at the beach, pilates at the gym, and more. Highlights include a smooth side with center alignment aids, and textured natural rubber on the flip side. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
  • Each eco-friendly yoga mat is constructed from 100% recyclable, durable, non-toxic, natural tree rubber and PU vegan leather that will not tear or crumble in your hands after a few high-intensity sessions. Comes with a free strap that safely and compactly stores the rolled up mat until your next practice.
  • Our extreme grip yoga mat features unique central alignment references, a built-in teacher for better form and total balance. The high vibration ‘Sacred Eye’ design balances and unites elements from the Earth and the Cosmos through the energetic flow of love to promote deeper meditation and higher connections.

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