Top 4 Travel Fitness Tools

Top 4 Travel Fitness Tools

Whether you’re traveling for work or just going on vacation, you’re going to want to stick to your fitness routine. These four basic workout tools found throughout the essentials lists of DesireList pros are travel-friendly, affordable and perfect for a beginner or pro. 

The Resistance Bands

Fitness professional Beau Lotz counts NFL and NBA players as his clients and one of his favorite tools to work with is the Rogue Monster Bands. These super-strong bands help add resistance to any workout without breaking and can be used anywhere. 

The Jump Rope

While jump ropes are great for having fun, they’re also great for a cardio workout. Fitness pro and martial artist Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren loves using lightweight licorice jump ropes to add footwork patterns to her workout routine. The Suki Chris Jump Rope easily fits into any gym bag or suitcase and has anti-slip handles ready for any challenge. 

The Sliders

When fitness professional Joe Davis wants to take his work out up a notch, he turns to the SKLZ Slidez Stability Discs. A favorite among his clients, these discs help increase core strength, plus they are portable and perfect for fitting in a workout on the road.

The Stick

No workout is complete without recovery time and a favorite among DesireList pros is The Stick. This tool activates trigger points and relieves muscle pain while increasing flexibility. Pro dancer Ashley Bates loves to use it in between auditions since it’s lightweight and easy to pack.

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