Static Guard Review

Static Guard Spray is an essential product that protects you against wardrobe malfunctions by neutralizing static in garments. What’s unique about Static Guard is it is an aerosol. This is something that can get to a lot of surface area quickly and you don’t have to be in contact with the fabric or worry about damaging the fabric. Static Guard is recommended for anyone. If you’re ever feeling like there are things clinging to your fabric or the fabric’s clinging to you, you’re going to want to spray this on the outside of your fabric and it will release from you. If you have a fluffy, furry friend and you’re getting tons of pet hair on your outfit this is also highly recommended. Watch Abbey Glass' review to learn more.

Abbey Glass is a designer who honed her signature aesthetic at Central Saint Martin’s and the Rhode Island School of Design. Inspired by 1960s icons, the Atlanta-native plays with clean lines and feminine proportions to infuse her timeless pieces with effortless style.

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