Make Cocktails at Home Like a Pro

It’s been a couple of years of COVID, and while some of the restrictions are starting to become less strict, and even though we might actually get to go to bars again, it’s highly unlikely anything will be the same as it was before. Entertaining at home is its own reward because you get to make great drinks for the people you care about most. Everybody wins!

Dry January is behind us, it’s time to update your at-home bar. Whether you’re a beginner or you already have a few cocktail recipes up your sleeve, you’ll want to use these essentials to create your next drink. 

Choice Ingredients

You can’t make a cocktail without something to go in it. You have your own favorites, maybe some recipes you already know, or some flavors you prefer over others. You can use those old standbys, but super chef Sasha Sincic has a few things to say about her favorite gin, Hendricks Gin.

Is it seltzer, mineral water, or club soda? Whichever side you fall on, Topo Chico is the gold standard mixer. Try it yourself or maybe take a look at Sasha’s review first.