Hero Disc SuperAtom 185 Review

When it comes to Frisbee training, there's only one disc that Dog Trainer Rachel Sample trusts. Hero Discs are more durable and reliable than any other disc you can find at the store. They're made so that your dog can grip the disc comfortably in their mouth and play for long periods of time. Hero Discs also come in different weights and sizes to better match your dog's needs. Learn more by watching Dog Trainer Rachel Sample's review.

Rachel Sample is a Dog Trainer who spent the majority of her childhood training and showing dogs starting at the age of 6. She competed with her Border Collie, Colt, starting in 4H and onto other venues like AKC, UKI, Skyhoundz, and CPE. Rachel has competed all over the United States taking home placements in AKC agility junior nationals, CPE nationals, and is a 3 time IL obedience champion. Rachel has been professionally training dogs in Chicago for five years and has a wide range of experience from teaching basic obedience, behavioral modification, dog sports, puppy manners, and more!

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